Yeah, so, what kind of videos you got?

All kinds of gooodies

What you want? Baby, I mother fluffing got it. Ever thought about living in a car? I got you covered. How bout, wanting to hear comedic interviews? Boom, done. What’s that? You said you want the low-down on traveling? No worries, it’s here. All that, throw in some comedy skits, social experiments, and a pinch of dancing and that’s what you’ll find on my channel. 

I upload every Monday at 6PM PST on


Under no particular circumstances, it isn’t uncommon for me to randomly take off abroad. Not take off a broad, but abroad you freak.  


Tailgate Talks gets the people goin’. Nick brings in the highest quality guests to partake in a world class interview on the back of the Burb.


The Burb Life is a vlog web series where you can take a peek at what it takes to live in a Burb. Also, I share the PG-rated shenanigans my friends and I get in to. 


I’m a groovy guy. Every now and then I’ll bust out some feel good dance moves. 


Kyle and I dove deep into the trenches to find the juiciest, most cringe Facebook statuses we had. 


Some topics or life events occur that get me all riled up. 


Nick is a self-taught film maker who has a passion to bring hilarious and inspiring ideas to life.

Sincerely Awesome

What are all these videos under Sincerely Awesome’s channel? Sincerely Awesome was a comedic group Nick started in high school that lived out its prime through his years in college. It’s a team of comedy gurus who have a collective goal to make people smile.

when did you start?

Although there are a handful of videos further back than this one (that I am unwilling to ever release to the public again), this was probably the video that bit me with the film bug. We filmed this with a Flip camera, had my friend’s sister edit it for us because we didn’t know how, and we were so excited when it was complete that we told everyone we knew at school about it.