Fulfillment Policy

– A description of what’s being sold — We sell podcast consultation and post production services. Along with merchandise such as sweatshirts and t-shirts. We sell workout plans and e-books too.

– Purchase currency — USD

– Customer Service Contact Information — Contact form on the “Contact Me” page. 

– Fulfillment Policies — Depends on what you purchase, however all sales are final. 

– Privacy Policy — We’ll never sell your information.

– Refund policy — All sales are final.

– Delivery policy — Depends on what is purchased. For e-books, within the hour electronically. For video editing/post-production as quick as 72 hours as long as two weeks. For sweatshirts, between 2 and three weeks. For workout plans, within the hour electronically.

– Return policy — Happy to work with you on what’s fair if you’re truly unsatisfied. In most post-production instances, all sales are final. For sweatshirts, you can likely keep it or donate it to a Goodwill. 

– Cancellation policy — For our subscription services, cancel any time no questions asked.