CEO Of Your Life W/ Connie Chiarelli Eps. 29

Connie Chiarelli and Nickolas Natali sit down and chat about how to be the CEO of your life, being willing to put your pride away and work hard to get where you want to be! Originally from Detroit, MI, Connie Marie Chiarelli grew up in Southwestern Pennsylvania and became an active part of the film community in the early 2000’s. Her early films include doing stand in and background work for Smart People, Killpoint, Adventureland, The Next Three Days, Love and Other Drugs, One For the Money and others. She relocated with her family to California in 2012 and continued doing commercials, film and print work and co-starred as “Jenn” in Salt Liquor Lime. She also wrote and produced her first pilot “Slated” in 2017. She continues to act, write and produce and currently serves as an Acting Coach and the Studio Administrator for the Los Angeles Acting Studio San Diego.

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