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The Dirt on Nick

Nickolas Natali is a comedic content creator, small software business owner and people lover from Southern California. Nick began making short films in 7th grade when he got his hands on his first phone, The Envy 2.  He began writing and filming short comedy skits with his friends and eventually created a Youtube Channel in 2010. As he matured, so did his content. From comedy skits to social experiments to vlogs to comedic commentary – Nick tailors his content creation to how he believes he can best influence, entertain, and inspire his audience. 

Nick attributes the majority of his success and character development to his friends and family that encouraged and believed in him even when he didn’t.


Facts don't care about
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Videos Created

Nick uploads videos every Monday on his Youtube Channel and releases a new episode of his life-strategies podcast, The Nickolas Natali Show, every Friday so he can feel like a winner. 

Business owner

Little Webby LLC creates the best darn software out there. Nickolas graduated from college with a degree in Software Engineering in 3 years. He then went on to work as a civil servant for the Department of Defense. While working for the Navy he led a team of developers to create an algorithm that optimized visual recognition and machine learning to maneuver a robot arm to autonomously inspect ammunition. Now, he’s focused on creating mobile apps, websites, and custom software with his trusted team of engineers for businesses rooted in integrity and generosity. 

content creator

For the past 10 years Nick has been creating online content and honing his skills in videography, editing, writing and hosting. All of his content is created with the purpose to positively impact his audience. Nick desires for his audience to be left feeling uplifted, educated, or valued after watching. 

Fun Facts

  1. Nick once broke out into hives in kindergarten because his “good cloud” with his name on it was moved to the “bad cloud” side by a substitute teacher.
  2. Nick and his BFF Kyle snuck into a Khalid concert by posing as taco vendors and carrying canola oil. 
  3. In Thailand a lady-boy grabbed Nick by the arm and told him they loved him with a voice deeper than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s.

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