He is an American entrepreneur, podcast host, and actor. He went from 60K in student loan debt to debt-free in 11 months while living in a 1986 Chevy Suburban.

Nickolas Natali is a podcast influence and network building expert. Today Nick runs a top-ranked podcast, The Nickolas Natali Show, that has over 140 episodes and has been listened to in over 30 countries around the world. Podcast guests range from celebrity guests to A-list influencers. Nick’s successes in coaching and teaching come from his ability to break down seemingly complex tactics into easy to follow step-by-step processes.

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What Are People Saying?

"The Burb Boy, the podcast prodigy, the youtube sensation dude, and he can dance?! Nickolas Natali is the hardest working, most interesting person I know! There is no limit to what this boy can do and I am eternally inspired by everything he creates. The laidback yet deep digging podcast of his gets me hyped every time a new episode pops up. Following his journey living in the Suburban and doing whatever it takes to live his dreams is both entertaining and encouraging. Long story short if he’s selling, I’m buying."

"Nick's podcasts are uplifting, entertaining, and hilarious. His youtube channel is comedy. His mustache is smelly. His muscles are creamy. And I love him like a daughter."

"I do not know any other human who has as much talent, personality, professionalism, and brain power as Nick does. He is a jack of many trades, and a master of all of them too. Nick can be trusted with business ideas, software development, website development, video editing/production, and photography. He will strive to meet any need you have, and not stop until he has completed each task. Nick will give 110% to any request given to him, and he is also a great listener. If the need is as simple as someone to talk to, he can do that as well."

"Nick as an entertainer has this trademark blend of extremes: utter absurdity then sudden sincerity, random shouting over the chillest beats, the Burb life and Hollywood. Who says you can't have it all? 5 stars."

"Nick is a great friend... he’ll be sure to get you lost in a foreign country..."

"I’ve seen Nick transform from a newly burb vagabond to a young businessman and successful actor. Together nick and I have laughed, cooked, and budgeted. His unique sense of humor never gets in the way of the goal he seeks to achieve but he uses this humor to propel himself forward. This man will not let you down. He is one of the most intentional people I have ever met and is on his was to big things. "

"Nick is the the only person I know that could talk his way out of death. He personally addresses every conversation he is in and makes you feel like you’re being cuddled by a giant teddy bear. I’m almost certain that Nick failed every class he took in college but somehow talked his way into his perfect 4.0. All jokes aside, Nick is one of the hardest working individuals I know. He is knowledgeable in everything. He’s basically a walking search engine. While we were all going out to parties in college, Nick was the friend every parent secretly wished was their own kid. He’d be at home studying like the sophisticated gentlemen he is. Nick’s dedication to bettering himself each day inspires me to be a better man. He is a true friend and even more so a brother to me."

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